• Full Name:
    Ephraim Stronell
  • Role:
    Unregistered practitioner, chemist
  • Occupation/s:
    Homœopathist; Homœopathic Chemist; General Importer
  • State:
  • Date first identified using homoeopathy in Australia:
In 1862, Mr E. Stronell advertised that he had opened a homœopathic pharmacy at 105 Edward Street in Brisbane. Prior to this time, homœopathic medicines and books had been advertised by Sydney-based businesses. This may have been Queensland’s first homœopathic pharmacy.

It appears that the business may not have been successful, as the 1865 post office directory recorded Mr Stronell as being an importer of building materials in Edward Street.


In the Sands Directory for Melbourne of 1868, Ephraim Stronell was listed as a “homoeopathist” at 94 Lonsdale Street West. He was not listed in the following edition.


In the 1874 Official Post Office Directory, Queensland, Ephraim Stronell was listed as a homœopathic druggist, with his address being Queen Street, Brisbane. He was not listed in the 1877 directory.


It appears that Mr Stronell’s first business activities were in Melbourne. The 1859 post office directory for Melbourne records an Ephraim Stronell at 161 Swanston Street, running Noah’s Ark Fancy and Toy Importer. In 1860 he was at Gardiners Creek Road Prahran, listed under “Fancy dealers and repository”. The entries in the 1861 and 1862 editions of the post office directory show that Mrs E. Stronell is now running the business as a “Fancy repository and registry office” – the latter meaning a labour office.


(For more details see the document on Homœopathic Pharmacies, Dispensaries & Manufacturers)


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