Charles Platts, Bookseller and Stationer

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                                                          Platts bookseller & stationer c. 1867

                                                                       Hindley St, Adelaide

                                               Reproduction courtesy of State Library of South Australia  SLSA: B 2867

In the South Australian Register of 23 March 1850, Charles Platts placed a notice as follows:


“ON SALE, at PLATTS'S, Hindley Street, A Homœopathic Domestic Medicine Chest, suitable for the Bush, containing 150 bottles of tinctures,  300 bottles of globules, &c, with a variety of Homœopathic books. An inspection recommended."


Later advertisements described the books as being on the topic of  "Domestic Homœopathy".


It appears that Platts commenced advertising homœopathic medicines in early 1857. A small advertisement appeared in the Register on 11 May 1857:


"Homœopathic medicines – Platts."


In later advertisements his organisation claimed to be the first to import homœopathic medicines.


By 3rd April 1858, Platts was placing larger advertisements in the Observer, advertising Homœopathic Medicines – Fresh and large supply of books and medicines. A large assortment of cases was also sold, including cases for accidents and emergencies.


[Thanks to Michael Bollen for supplying this information.]



                       Advertisement for Platts, 1865



                   Advertisement for Platts, 1867


In the 1865 and 1867 editions of the South Australian Directories, Charles Platts placed advertisements for his bookseller and stationery business on the corner of Hindley and King William Street. In addition to listing various types of stationery, he also advertised that he sold homœopathic medicines.


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platts advert sa reg 100769

                Advertisement for Platts, 1869


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