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(Material researched & presented by Barbara Armstrong)


In the Adelaide Register of 2 March, 1857, SL Bensusan & Co placed the following advertisement:


HOMŒOPATHIC MEDICINES, prepared at the PHARMACY of Mr. LEATH, whose preparations have the recommendation of the first physicians, and are exclusively used at the principle dispensaries at home and abroad.


Testimonials from the “Homœopathic Practice of Physic,” second edition, by Joseph Laurie, M.D., London: –


“Medicines, the majority of which are not susceptible of any chemical test, should be procured of persons upon whose scrupulous integrity perfect reliance can be placed, and whose preparations have been submitted to the trial of extended practice if possible.”

“I am in the habit of using the medicines prepared at the Pharmacy of Mr. James Leath, of St Paul’s Churchyard, and from having tested their efficiency, in private and dispensing practice, I can confidently recommend them to the public.

“Joseph Laurie, M.D.”


Supplies of the above always on hand in domestic chests, pocket-cases, books, tubes, tinctures, &c.

Orders, accompanied with a deposit of 25 per cent., or satisfactory reference, transmitted by the regular monthly mail, and put under immediate execution.

Sole Agents for Australasia –

S. L. BENSUSAN & CO., Sydney.


[Thanks to Michael Bollen for supplying this information.]


On 5 September 1857 a similar advertisement was placed in the Moreton Bay Courier, Queensland.


SL Bensusan’s business was located at 13 Bridge Street, near Bell’s Homœopathic Pharmacy in George Street.


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